What is ProWorks?

ProWorks is a multi-user process management tool that enables businesses to deploy and manage the execution of established best practices and industry-specific capabilities throughout their organizations.

ProWorks software allows users to author & distribute work instructions more efficiently than the typical “Office” tools that are most commonly used. The application is geared towards creating rich content with graphical information (pictures & video) and acts as a portal to retrieve and store all process related data.

ProWorks’ database allows for a true multi-user environment that enables the collection and distribution of knowledge and centralizes all Work Instruction information. ProWorks can share data with ERP/MRP/PLM systems to insure the information on the shop floor is accurate and up to date.

One of the guiding design principles for ProWorks is to empower Process Experts (those that actually run the processes) to create and modify the content of the system without having to rely on IT resources.

Deploying your Work Instructions can be as much work as creating them. Managing revisions, approvals, and distribution can be a time consuming task…unless you have ProWorks. With its built in revision control and approval process, rolling out Work Instructions is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Oftentimes, with paper-based documentation schemes or even with standard electronic documentation systems, process manuals sit on shelves collecting dust or become buried someplace on a file server. With ProWorks, the system is an integral part of the Process. As users complete each step of a process, ProWorks collects their digital signatures in its database such that processes can be tracked in “Real Time”.

ProWorks provides tools for mining the Process data collected in its database for continual process improvement.

ProWorks Features

Document the Process
Quickly and easily detail the various processes that define your business.
Deploy the Process
Approve and Publish the processes that drive your business.
Execute the Process
Run and monitor the processes that drive your business.
Analyze the Process
Mine the data for inefficiencies to enhance the processes to grow the business.

ProWorks Benefits

Improve Product Quality – accurate and up to date information on the shop floor

Able to ramp – up work force quickly with market upswings

Reducing costs – use temporary and less skilled employees to perform higher level tasks

Achieve Process Portability – share proven techniques and methods around the world while maintaining product consistency.

Scalable – From small shops to a multi-national operations.

Global –  Multiple Language Support integrated into product. Store instructions in multiple languages and/or change the user interface to display specific languages in specific sites across the world.

Solid Support –  ProWorks is supported within the Dover Corporation, a multi-billion dollar, global producer of innovative equipment, specialty systems and value-added services for the industrial products, fluid management, engineered systems and electronic technology markets.